Pakistan Journal of NUTRITION ISSN : 1680 - 5194
Volume 6, Number 3, 2007


Evaluation of Whole Cottonseed as Effective Fiber Source in Early Lactating Holstein Cows


Morteza Salehpour and Hamid Amanlou

Source Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 6 (3): 294-298, 2007

Twelve Holstein cows in early lactation were used in balanced changeover design to evaluate the effect of replacing alfalfa Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) with NDF from whole cottonseed at deferent levels (0, 7, 14, 20) of dry matter bases that replaced to alfalfa hay. The diets were similar as crude protein and neutral detergent fiber on dry base. Cows fed with total mixed ration individually. Dry matter intake and milk yields were higher for cows fed high whole cottonseed (14, 20%) diets than for that alfalfa control diet. High whole cottonseed diet had best efficiency. Milk fat percentage and milk fat yield were the highest for high whole cottonseed diets, but no significant difference were found among another milk composition compound (protein, lactose and SNF). Milk component yields were significantly different (p<0.05). Rumen pH and fecal pH were affected not significantly by experimental diets. Chewing activity increased linearly when increased whole cottonseed percentage. Increased whole cottonseed percentage associated increased physically effective fiber. Digestibility results were indicated that control diet and 7 percentage whole cottonseed diets had the highest dry matter digestibility (p<0.05), But organic matter, crude protein and NDF digestibility were not affected significantly among diets. Daily weight gain and body condition score change were affected by diets that 14 and 20 percentage whole cottonseed diets were indicated the highest daily weight gain and body condition score (p<0.05). Plasma urea nitrogen was higher for 14 and 20 percentage whole cottonseed diets.

Corresponding Author:
Morteza Salehpour
Islamic Azad University,
Roudehen Branch,
Tehran, Iran

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